Shawn Turung Murals "Super Fantastic Everything"
Youth Mural Project
Garfield Middle School - outdoor courtyard
"Super Fantastic Everything"

In this portfolio, images have been selected from both mural calsses I have taught, and murals I worked on. Teaching murals to young aspiring talent is a great pleasure with many rewards. The Harwood Art Center has been a primary facility that has worked with me to co-create opportunities for mural classes offered to elementary and middle school students across the city. In 2014, The Youth Mural Project was created as an after school program initially targeted to schools without a formal visual arts program. As lead artist, I had the opportunity to teach basic and intemediate level painitng and mixed media practices.  The Summer Art Camp at Harwood is an integration of all ages and levels of artistic ability merging to create fun and engaging murals. My own mural practice extends to private and public spaces.